Liz Broman

Independent Living


Belay Phase Case Manager

Liz Borman loves the Wilderness and spends most of her free time trail running, hiking, backpacking, and discovering the least trafficked trails possible. She spent two months on the Pacific Crest Trail a few years ago and the immersive time in the backcountry away from cell phones, sleeping on the earth, and learning to persevere through the most difficult challenges she had ever encountered on her own, helped her fall in love with the power of Wilderness to heal on an emotional and mental level. This is why she spent over a year (2019-2020) working with a wilderness therapy company outside of Bend. 

She is originally from San Diego and has spent years exploring the West Coast as well as India and Southeast Asia. Her Master’s in Integrative Health & Wellness Management was focused on Mindfulness and how it can reduce PTSD in youth. She spent years working with at-risk youth teaching mindfulness and the power of emotional intelligence coupled with assertive communication.

She is also a certified Wellness Coach and truly believes that all people know within themselves how to be truly happy, joyous and free. Liz often encourages students to spend time in Nature to find balance and get in touch with the voice within that often is overshadowed by the literal and figurative noise of the city life. 

Liz is excited to be working at CCT to help students further their journey of wholeness as they transition back into the “front country” and to help them learn to be their own guides along the way. Adulting is no easy job, and CCT is filled with incredible staff to help students take on this task, and Liz is grateful to be a part of it.