Laura Jones

Clinical Team

Laura Jones

Wellness Coordinator

From both Florida and Maryland, Laura came to Cascade Crest after beginning her own journey of healing in Wilderness Therapy. After learning to healthfully cope with stress and embrace community while transitioning, Laura embarked on a new path choosing to find happiness and connection.

She pursued a yoga teacher certification where she found new passions for physiology and holistic healing. Her curiosity motivated a deeper understanding for how the body and mind function. Teaching yoga classes for the community of Bend allowed Laura to let go of her anxieties and share herself wholeheartedly.

She obtained her Bachelors degree in Kinesiology from Oregon State University Cascades. She uses her understanding of physiology to motivate positive wellbeing. Her goals are to empower the transformation of negative thinking that leads to unhealthy choices. Laura enjoys exploring the outdoors, drawing, dancing, yoga and when there’s snow she is either cozy by a fire or snowboarding down Mt. Bachelor.