Kelly Little



Case Manager

Kelly is a Case Manager, unconditional ally, and welcoming face when people first step into the Belay house at CCT. She works diligently to create relationships through being honest, compassionate, and patient. Employing strong listening skills, Kelly is eager and excited to help people connect with their interests in life. She recognizes the challenges associated with wilderness programs and the hard earned skills that the students have developed. She focuses on translating these life tools into school, work, and personal relationships. Kelly utilizes creativity to engage students so that they develop problem-solving, resiliency, and experience their own capabilities.

The highs and lows of the human experience are the best training that she could have asked for. She utilizes her personal experiences to relate to multiple walks of life. Kelly has also earned a degree in visual art and has worked as a field instructor in wilderness therapy. She is working to meld these two worlds together to create a supportive and open-minded learning environment.