Jensine Peterson, M. Ed.

Administrative Team

Jensine Peterson

M. Ed. Executive Director

Jensine Peterson, M Ed. has supported adolescents and young adults in both therapeutic and academic settings since 2004. Although new to her role as Executive Director, she is not a new face to CCT; Jensine previously served as an Academic Advisor at CCT before pursuing leadership opportunities working with adolescents in the public sector. For nearly a decade, she led public middle and high schools prior to re-joining CCT in 2022.  


A lifelong leader and learner, she earned her undergraduate degree in science education from Northern Arizona University and a graduate degree in school administration from Concordia University. She completed post-graduate studies at the University of Oregon with an emphasis on organizational leadership, talent management, finance, and innovation.


Jensine’s Core Values related to an effective treatment experience include:  


1: Growth (whether it be new skills, habits, values, or self-awareness) rarely occurs in a “straight line.” The most pivotal gains in a person’s life occur with struggle, practice, restarts, and – above all – grit. Change is possible at any age or stage; it is always too soon to predict a definite outcome.


2: Empowering young adults to build cognitive, emotional, relational, and self-advocacy skills is vital to building a strong foundation from which they can confidently launch into productive and meaning-filled lives. 


3: Healthy interdependence and open-minded collaboration of a supportive team are the most effective means to build lasting growth for young adults. The team ought to include the young adult (as the driver), their family, and supportive academic/vocational, therapeutic, spiritual, and life mentors.  


Jensine is driven by her love and appreciation for transformation and the belief that we must strive to be our best selves, every day. She is an active member of a 12-step community and understands the complexities of addiction and the families who navigate them.  She and her husband Greg have two inquisitive daughters and several beloved pets. As a nature-loving family, they enjoy gardening, exploring Oregon, and growing together as a family.