Gregg Andrick

Independent Living

Gregg Andrick

Program Director


After earning his Bachelor of Science degree in 1998, Gregg enthusiastically begin his career in supporting and guiding students to their own path of independence and success. Over the last 15 years, Gregg has been working with students who are struggling to find a healthy path. Working with both adolescents and young adults in therapeutic residential settings, has allowed him to know this industry and population well. Some of Gregg’s areas of expertise include coaching substance abuse students, motivational interviewing, adoption and attachment issues and building a healthy community. Gregg brings a unique passion and dedication to the CCT program and its students.


Being a father himself, Gregg is aware of the numerous daily distractions and challenges young adults are faced with today. Gregg has a strong belief in reestablishing core values, healthy relationships and passions to help create a balance in one’s life. Through his years of experience he has seen that the key ingredients to a successful transition includes: a healthy community that provides an opportunity for giving back, “exposure to real life situations to build resiliency”, strengthening family relationships, and redefining goals for independent living.


When Gregg has free time he enjoys spending it with family, pursuing his passions of skiing, ultimate frisbee, biking, fly fishing, paddling and hiking as well as being a part of the community of Bend.