Corey May

Clinical Team



With a Master’s degree in Counseling from Oregon State University and an undergraduate degree in Adventure Recreation, Corey has spent the last 20 years working with families and individuals from children to adults. Settings for his counseling experience have included wilderness, residential and private practice. In any setting, his primary focus has always been on communication and goal setting.

As a son, a husband, and a father Corey understands how complex life can be and aims to help those he works with to find tools and techniques to slow things down and create a system of communication and support that is effective and understood. Corey believes that community is the most critical aspect of the healing and change based process and that all members of this community must embrace the journey for the most growth to take place.

As a therapist Corey is dedicated to utilizing a trauma informed care approach with his clients. He uses skills and techniques from DBT, CBT, traditional talk therapy, and Prolonged exposure therapy that is designed as a trauma based treatment model.

Corey draws from both his life experiences and his clinical knowledge in helping clients assess their top that life is complex, sometimes crazy, and at times debilitating and aims to provide calm waters where discussions and healing can happen.

When Corey is not at work, he can be found racing bikes at the local bmx tracks and cheering on his two children who are much must faster than him. He also loves skiing, camping, spending quality time in the woods and listening to music.