Program length

Program length

Cascades Crest Transitions is a minimum nine month program that prepares young adults for adulthood by providing them the ability and skills to live independently. Cascade Crest provides the opportunity for students to practice these skills in a safe, supportive environment.


Students transitioning from wilderness therapy, residential program, or therapeutic boarding school may need extra support and guidance with their transition to living as an independent healthy adult. Cascade Crest Transitions is designed to work with students who are ready to take the next steps towards independence and are open to receiving therapy and academic advising. Offering a safe and structure environment students commonly need nine to 12 months to explore their interests and determine their direction through internships, on-the-job training, academics and career advising.


Individuals who successfully complete the Cascade Crest Transitions program develop healthy lifestyles and maintain both physical and emotional health through education and encouragement.


The Summit Phase, when climbing a mountain is the peak of your journey. Students have overcome the obstacles that may have come up along the way and have successfully reached the top. Once students have reached the pinnacle of their journey and graduated from the Cascade Crest Transitions program they move into their own apartment with another student, into an Oxford House or out on their own. The recourses they have had access to during their time at Cascade Crest are still available to them. They can choose to meet with their therapist, academic advisors and can access case management when appropriate. Random UA’s are given to provide information to the student or to provide continued recovery support.


The Summit Phase, just as when climbing a mountain to the Summit of your journey. Student in the Summit phase have succeed this climb to reach their goals of independence and confidences.


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