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Graduation from Cascade Crest Transitions

Many students who graduate from Cascade Crest Transitions (CCT) benefit from continued support throughout their journeys of wellness and recovery. Summit Phase, the third and final phase of programming at CCT, offers a variety of options for support after graduation. Like summiting a mountaintop, this

Academic Advisors Key To Treatment At CCT

At Cascade Crest Transitions (CCT), Academic and Career Coaches play a unique and essential role in supporting young adults through real-life successes and struggles on their journeys toward independence. The Academic Coach is a principal member of each student’s treatment team, working alongside the primary


Life at CCT continues as our students are still connecting with their teams- some via Zoom, other team members are dedicated to a house to support classes, MAP work, in-house crafts, exercise and activities. We had our weekly Business Meeting via Zoom. It included all of

pole, pedal, paddle

Pole, Pedal, Paddle

If you know anything about Bend, you know that it's a place full of folks who live and love the outdoors. Bend hosts an event every year called the Pole, Pedal, Paddle (PPP). This event brings out locals and people from all across the country