About Cascade Crest Transitions



Cascade Crest Transitions offers a young adult transitional program based in beautiful Bend, Oregon. We’ve created a safe environment where students feel comfortable growing and improving and apply their new skills sets in a real world setting through a strong clinical and academic program.


Our program is comprised of two distinct phases: Belay Phase, Ascent Phase, with our Summit Phase available to appropriate alumni. The Belay Phase begins with a three to four month structured daily schedule and supervision. The Ascent Phase follows with a six month independent living experience and opportunity to become more independent.. The Summit, or alumni, phase of the program allows students to continue to receive individual therapy, academic advising and drug-screening as they transition to life as an healthy independent young adult.

  • Providing the highest quality therapeutic program of mental health and recovery services to help young adults and families move forward in a successful transition into adulthood


  • Offering a safe environment where students can grow through real world experiences


  • Providing highly qualified and dedicated staff who provide support and services to our students and parents

About Cascade Crest Transitions


To facilitate a transition to healthy independence by empowering young adults and their families to work with their learning struggles and self-defeating behaviors in a manner that supports personal responsibility and healthy interdependence so that young adults can achieve their educational and life goals.



Executive Director Sean Fievet founded Cascade Crest Transitions with the intention of providing safe, effective and state-of-the-art treatment for young adults struggling to transition into adulthood. For over 20 years Sean has worked in leadership positions in wilderness education and residential treatment programs bringing a wealth of knowledge and resources to the Cascade Crest Transitions program. The raison d’être of the program comes the desire to empower young adults towards healthy independence while being provided the skills and safe environment to manage their lives effectively.

Choose Cascade Crest for the strong clinically and academic components as well as the incredible location in Bend, OR. The blend of these elements along with our ongoing services help young adults deepen their understanding of a healthy lifestyle while learning and practicing the skills necessary to live as an independent and successful adult.