Lindsey Hurvitz

Case Manager


Lindsey grew up in the Chicagoland area where she had her own struggles with substance abuse. At 21, she chose to get help and willingly attended a wilderness program. This was the first opportunity for Lindsey to see clearly the path she was on and consciously decided continuing treatment was the best plan. Choosing to move forward in a therapeutic transition program, Lindsey worked on core issues, learned how to live a sober lifestyle, and was able to apply her wilderness tools in a real world experience. This began a new career and life direction, as she enrolled in a Substance Abuse Counseling Program, earning her CADC I. Lindsey recently graduated with a degree in Human Development and Family Services from Oregon State University. She is grateful to work for a program that has taught her so many skills. Working with young adults for over six years, Lindsey continues to enjoy the connection she has in supporting them through their journey to adulthood.


When Lindsey is not attending classes or working she enjoys spending her free time snowboarding, shopping and connecting with her local community. She loves living in Bend, OR.