Clinical Team

Jared Anderson

Wellness Coordinator 

Jared brings a passion for Nature connection through mentoring, poetry, meditation, storytelling and helping excite the rites of passage necessary to bring about true adulthood.  His focus is to usher in or continue the connections made out in Nature.  He has a passion for running groups and creating sacred spaces for people to find strength in their vulnerabilities.  Jared was first inspired to work with youth as a youth, having attended therapeutic schooling as a late teen.  He discovered solace and healing in the connections he found with mentors as well as places in Nature.  Jared connects well with students by being an open book himself, believing that vulnerability begets vulnerability.  He loves to dance, laugh, identify plants, write and share poetry and study mythology and story.  He also loves to help encourage learning both in and out of academic environments through a focus on everyday mindfulness and sensory awareness.