Eric Jacobs-Nicholls

Academic Advisor

Eric earned his Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Sciences from Oregon State University. He boasts over 12 years of experience working in residential programs with both adolescents and young adults, supporting them in reaching their goals and building on their academic strengths. This wide range of experiences from all areas of the world of therapeutic programs, including three years as a Program Director of a therapeutic boarding school, has afforded him the opportunity to see the program world from every perspective. Eric is a self-made professional who shares both the successes and the struggles from a non-traditional path to education with his clients, creating an empathetic space, free from judgment, to open students to identifying what they really want and how they want to get there. Eric’s experience in internet culture allows him a unique perspective in to the iGen generation’s struggles with social media and technology use.  He draws from his extensive background to create a more relatable dialogue and focuses on making technology a tool that works for the student.


Hailing from the Pacific Northwest Eric is an avid fan of the Seattle Seahawks and enjoys both playing and watching a variety of sports. When not at work he can be found gathering his friends around the gaming table for nights of Dungeons and Dragons or Magic: The Gathering or enjoying his passion for cooking, experimenting in the kitchen or on the grill to create his next great meal.